Friday, June 6, 2008

New download of the cvs repository on Windows

I have moved to a new laptop, and I had to get all the data from the cvs repository to this new one.
I wasn't even expecting so many problems with the WinCVS application to have!
No, it's not that WinCVS is bad. It's great. The point is that It gives so many options to accomodate so many users behaviours that at someome moment these options became a burden!

So I have finally decided to describe, step-by-step all the operations one needs to do in order to download new repository to his/her place.
This list is for cvs windows only.
I may to do this for Linux/Unix as well some time.
If you want to install WinCVS then, please, search on the Internet, wait for my new blog, or write to me in the comments.

RUN: <<<WinCVS>>>

MENU: <<<Admin/Login...>>>
EDIT: <<<CVSROOT:>>> - avoid using <<<...>>> It's overly confusing. It is better to enter the path:
EXAMPLE: :pserver;username=john;

BUTTON: <<<OK>>>
The CVS will ask you for the password which will be stored at your machine
in an encrypted form and will be used for communication every time you
access the repository, but until you click MENU: <<<Admin/Logout>>>
MENU: <<<Remote/Checkout module...>>>
DIALOG: <<<Checkout settings>>>
EDIT: <<<Module name and path on the server:>>>
EDIT: <<<Local folder to checkout to:>>>
CHANGE IT so it points at the ROOT directory where the ProjectAlpha directory will be created.
EXAMPLE: c:\JohnsProject\ (yes, add the backslash at the end!)

NOTE: If you DO NOT WANT to create the ProjectAlpha\ directory in the c:\JohnsProject one then you need to do:
CHECKBOX: <<<Check out into directory:>>> Turn in ON
EDIT: <<<Check out into directory:>>>
Drop down menu and select the last one that you have enteted a few steps above.
BUTTON: <<<OK>>>
Off you go!

After this operation, you will have your selected directory (c:\JohnsProject\ProjectAlpha, or c:\JohnsProject only) populated with the data.
from the server.

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